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University of Arkansas

The Compocalypse


**Note: this syllabus is subject to change at the instructor’s discretion**

Unit 1: The Popular Apocalypse


Tuesday, August 26th:  Why Do We Love the Apocalypse?

Homework: Read A Sequence for Academic Writing Chapter 6 (p. 216-226)

Thursday, August 28th:  Writing Strategies

Homework: Read Lev Grossman’s “Apocalypse New” on BlackBoard, “Reading Critically” (p. 4-5) in ASAW, and Chapter 1 in They Say/I Say (p. 19-28)

Tuesday, September 2nd:  Reading Critically.  Assign Paper 1.

Homework: Read Chapter 3 in TS/IS (p. 42-50)

Thursday, September 4th: Paragraphs, Quotations, and Paraphrases

Homework: Read Chapter 2 in TS/IS (p. 30-40) and Chapter 1 in ASAW (p. 2-7)

Tuesday, September 9th: What is a Summary?

Homework: Read Paul. A Cantor’s “The Apocalyptic Strain in Popular Culture: The American Nightmare Becomes the American Dream” on BlackBoard

Thursday, September 11th:  Writing a Draft

Homework: Rough Draft Due

Tuesday, September 16th: Rough Draft Due.  Grammar Workshop.

Homework: Finish Paper 1.

Thursday, September 18th:  Paper 1 Due.  Turn in via SafeAssign by midnight.  MLA Citation Day.  Assign Paper 2.

Homework:  Read “Apocalypse Soon: Has Civilization Passed the Environmental Point of No Return?” on BlackBoard.

Unit 2: The Environmental Apocalypse

Tuesday, September 23rd:  How Late is Too Late?

Homework: Read Chapter 3 in ASAW (p. 81-90)

Thursday, September 25th:  Desertification, Climate Change, and Analyzing Similar Arguments

Homework: Read Stephen Moore’s “Apocalypse Not” on BlackBoard and Chapter 3 in ASAW (p. 98-105)

Tuesday, September 30th: The Other Side—Competing Viewpoints

Thursday, October 2nd:  Drafting the Introduction to the Explanatory Synthesis


Homework:  Rough Draft Due.

Thursday, October 9th:  Rough Draft Due.  Grammar Workshop.

Homework:  Finish Paper 2.

Tuesday, October 14th: Paper 2 Due. Turn in via SafeAssign by midnight. Assign Paper 3.

Homework: Read Chapter 2 in ASAW (p. 51-67) and “Are We At the Dawn of the Age of Epidemics?”


Unit 3: An Apocalyptic Epidemic

 Thursday, October 16th: Why is Sickness Scary?

Homework: Read “One Powerful Illustration Shows Exactly What’s Wrong With How the West Talks About Ebola” on BlackBoard and Chapter 2 in ASAW (p. 67-79)

Tuesday, October 21st: FALL BREAK. NO CLASS!

Thursday, October 23rd: Ebola and Logical Fallacies

Homework: Read “Fear-Bola” on BlackBoard

Tuesday, October 28th: Modeling a Critique

Homework: Read “An Epidemic of Fear” on BlackBoard

Thursday, October 30th: The Anti-Vaccine Movement

Tuesday, November 4th: The Anti-Vaccine Movement

                  Homework: Rough Draft Due.

Thursday, November 6th: Rough Draft Due.  Revision Workshop.  Zombie Apocalypse

Homework:  Finish Paper 2 and read “How a Zombie Apocalypse Could Happen in Real Life” on BlackBoard

Tuesday, November 11th: Paper 3 Due.  Turn in via SafeAssign by midnight.  Zombie Apocalypse!

Homework: Read Chapter 4 in TS/IS (p. 55-77) and “The Civilizational Significance of Zombies” on BlackBoard


Unit 4: An Apocalypse of Monsters

Thursday, November 13th:  Zombies are Freaky

Homework: Read Chapter 7 in TS/IS (p. 92-103) and Chapter 7 in ASAW (p. 252-256, 261-270)

Tuesday, November 18th:  Library Day.  Drafting Your Prospectus.  Bring your laptop to class.

Thursday, November 20th: Alien apocalypse—Independence Day

Tuesday, November 25th:  Alien apocalypse—Independence Day

Thursday, November 27th:  THANKSGIVING.  NO CLASS!

Tuesday, December 2nd: Film screening

Thursday, December 4th: Film screening

Tuesday, December 9th:  CONFERENCES.  NO CLASS!

Thursday, December 11thRough Draft Due. Revision Workshop and Course Wrap-Up.

Homework:  Finish Paper 4

Friday, December 12th:  DEAD DAY.


Sunday, December 14th:  Paper 4 due by midnight.